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Go for it! (125) ~ 英語で弁論Ⅱ






Good morning, everyone.  How do you feel now?  Are you nervous?  But it's OK.  I hope you can do it.

Now, congratulations on your participation of this challenge, the 71st J.H.S. English Speech Contest.

I am Shiga Tetsuya, the President of Oita prefectural Organization for J.H.S. Teachers of English.

Today we have 4 nice judges.  I really appresiate for your time and dedication to English education.

Last year, Oita representative from Oitahofu J.H.S. won this contest.  And she got 6th place in the national convention and received a secondary prize for studying in New Zealand.

It was a great achievement.  The title of her speech was 'My Dream'.  Her dream was to become a spy.

Today, please listen to my speech.

When I was a high scholl student, I wanted to be a rock star, like Mick Jagger, like Steaven Tyler.

I lived in the countryside, so I was the only one who had the electric guitar.  I played the guitar at high volume and sang in loud voice every night. 

Neighbors started to say, "Hey, Tetsuya went crazy."

A big chance came when I was in my 4th year univercity.  I was invited by a famous musician to band together.  But then, I was supposed to be a J.H.S. teacher.

I was lost my mind but decided to become a teacher.  I had no courage to jump into the unknown world.

38 years since then, I will retire next March.  After retirement, I am determined to become a professional musician.

Thank you for listening.

I hope your speech must be better than mine.

Three of you will get the opportunity to take part in the National Convention which will be held in Tokyo in November.  Go for it!