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Go for it! (124) ~ 英語で弁論



Good morning, everyone.  How do you feel now?  Are you nervous?  But it's OK. You can do it because I know you have been making a great effort untill today, untill a few minutes ago.

Now, congratulations on your participation of this challenge, the 51st Taketa City J.H.S. English Speech Contest.  You are very lucky because you can speak about your own opinion in your mind in front of the audience, and you can listen to the worries of school life and plans for the future of friends from other junior high school.  The champion of this contest can grab the opportunity to take part in Oita Prefecture Convention which will be held in Oita City next week.  Go for it!

So, I'll tell you about three important points to make speech.

First, the content of the speech should be about your own experience. It's not good to talk about the experience of other people, or about knowledge from internet or books.

Second, good speech influence the other people.  If they want to copy you after listening to your speech, it's a great success.

Third, the atmosphere that you like English is the most important. English lover is catching infectious.

At the end of my speech, I'll tell you one of my favorite heartfelt words.

THE GREATEST PLEASURE IN LIFE is doing what people say you cannot do.

Thank you.